In the current airline industry only three airlines have continuously operated profitably through all adverse environments in the last 30 years. Air Meridian Inc. has been created to facilitate the increase of this number by providing complete industry consulting services to bring the airline industry into a new era.


Air Meridian is able to provide consulting and/or management teams to any project in the aviation market. From start-up airlines to established carriers, flag carriers, low cost, cargo carriers and charter airlines are all areas that our team have participated in. Aviation related parts supply, software development and deployment, airport security, ground handling, tour operators and parts overhaul are all companies that we can claim previous experience. Air Meridian Inc. possesses the capabilities to create a leading airline in any part of the world.


Informed by our breadth of vision and specialized expertise, our offering ranges from specific initiatives to total, integrated end to end solutions. It rests on one great strength, our people. We have exceptional innovative leaders and take charge decision makers who offer outstanding business, motivational and communication expertise.


Consummate professionals with deep expertise and passionate commitment, our team work closely with clients to formulate and implement powerful business strategies that assure commercial success in any environment in the industry. While specialists in their respective disciplines, they have also worked in various roles within the airline and travel environment, allowing them to see the overall picture of a company.


We ensure a precise alignment between our consultants’ experience, disciplines expertise, our clients’ needs and business culture. All of which, allows Air Meridian to provide a world class service to an industry that, until now, has not had available to it any such service at the level required to achieve greatness in the Aviation and Travel Industry.


The Company has now also embarked on Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) services. This will allow our clients to increase their fleet and route network without incurring the large costs and risks of acquiring additional aircraft. With the introduction of the ACMI service, Air Meridian is providing a total aviation solution to the world aviation community.


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