Industry knowledge, know-how and experience is paramount in order to be able assess and provide viable solutions. Air Meridian possesses the above attributes along with business models and practices that have been developed by our professionals using proven techniques in the industry. All of which provides our clients the critical competitive advantage. Whether a start-up operation or established airline we provide absolute airline management solutions. Some of these services, but not limited to, are listed below:


          » Airline Management;                                                               » Maintenance auditing, analysis and solutions;
          » Restructuring plan development and implementation;      » Safety & security auditing, analysis and solutions;
          » Financial analysis, auditing and solutions;                            » Reservation system procurement solutions;
          » Market feasibility studies;                                                       » Scheduling auditing, analysis and solution;
          » Flight operations {all aspects of this area};                           » In-flight service auditing, analysis and solutions;
          » Bi- lateral agreements;                                                            » Cabin crew auditing, analysis and solutions;
          » Landing rights;                                                                         » Ground handling auditing, analysis and solutions;
          » Fleet planning & management;                                             » Cargo operationsAirline Managemeny;


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