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Nadeem Syed, President & CEO

Mr. Syed has been in the aviation field for the past 21 years and is the founder of Air Meridian. Nadeem started in aviation as a pilot, employed by carriers such as Emirates Airline, Gulf Air and Canada 3000 Airlines as well as charter and corporate carriers. He has served in numerous roles in the aviation industry covering, but not limited to, administration, management and training.

Having worked in many facets of aviation, Mr. Syed is well versed in all aspects of the industry. His main aspiration is to have Air Meridian assist aviation organizations achieve an impact in world aviation.

Peter Wanner, Director of Finance

Mr. Wanner has served in numerous management positions during his 30 year career as an accountant. He initially started his aviation finance career with Worldways airline in 1983. Since then he has served with many airlines and aviation related companies in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer.

Peter has also served in the petrochemical industry, as well as the manufacturing industry. Since 1990, Mr. Wanner has operated a successful consultancy in aviation fuel management, financing and interim chief financial officer for airlines and other industries in his vast field of experience. Regarded as one of Canada’s best Fuel Management consultants, Peter possesses vast respect in the aviation community in Canada and internationally.

Capt. Robert Clarke, Vice President of Flight Operations

Capt. Clarke started his career in the Royal Canadian Air Force after which he joined Air Canada and had a successful career with the Canadian national airline. He held the position of Chief Pilot on the Airbus A330/A340 fleet and has served as a management pilot within the carrier for most of his career. Robert was also on the test and acceptance team for the purchase of the A330/A340.
He has been a pioneer in aviation due to his involvement in the development of current and future aviation practices. Capt. Clarke worked on a committee for the testing and development of Future Air Navigation System (FANS) and also served on the Specifications Working Group, for development of new A340-500 series aircraft by Airbus industries.

Capt. Clarke developed the Crew Resources Management (CRM) programs at Air Canada as well as developing the Emergency Response Team. Robert brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the flight operations division and has been incredibly influential in the way flight operation departments are run and managed throughout the world. We are honoured to have him on the team.

Neil Lunt, Vice President of In-Flight Services

Mr. Lunt entered the airline environment over twenty years ago, working for two International airlines in that time before joining Air Meridian Inc. Possessing a Masters degree in Business Administration (Total Quality Management and Hospitality); it has allowed Mr. Lunt to excel in the in-flight services arena.

Neil has held several key roles in the in-flight services environment including; Senior Recruitment Officer, Check Purser, Internal Auditor to ISO 9000/2 regulations, Product Development, Cabin Crew performance and evaluation manager. He has been part of a team that has experienced 10 years of continuous success in in-flight service at an international standard and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in his field.

Our company also possess professionals in other major roles, all of which have extensive experience in their respective disciplines in the aviation and travel industry. They are listed below:

  • Vice President of Aviation Marketing
  • Vice President of Ground Handling
  • Vice President of Maintenance
  • Vice President of Cargo


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